Quebec government wants to increase discount eligibility in seniors’ homes

By Michael Boriero – Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


The provincial government announced a new project Wednesday to modify the requirements for seniors living in CHSLD long-term care facilities to qualify for exemption or reduced payments on monthly rent.
If the tabled project passes, any CHSLD resident with property worth less than $226,195, a vehicle worth less than $10,000 and liquid assets under $2,500 can claim government exemption on rent payments.
Wales Home Executive Director Brendalee Piironen explained that prior to the proposal by Seniors Minister Marguerite Blais and Health Minister Christian Dubé residents needed to own a home worth less than $40,000 and a car worth less than $4,000 in order to qualify.
“The government will give them an exoneration, so that means they have to have $245 a month in their bank account after they’ve paid for their room and board, if they don’t have that money, then the government will allow exoneration,” said Piironen.


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