Anglade discusses future of Quebec

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative
Anglade discusses future of Quebec

Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) leader Dominique Anglade is visiting the Eastern Townships, making stops in Magog and Sherbrooke, to discuss the upcoming election campaign, her ECO project proposal, and meet with volunteers at Moisson Estrie.

But while Anglade was on the road, community organizations were in Quebec City to protest a lack of government funding, which has led to temporary, and sometimes permanent, closures. She told The Record that while she wasn’t in attendance, the QLP was there to listen.

“I really want to be clear that it should not be interpreted in any way, shape or form as a non-support, it’s quite the opposite. We were quite adamant that we needed to be there,” said Anglade, adding that the QLP has reached out to a number of concerned organizations.

According to Anglade, the meeting with Moisson Estrie will give her a chance to understand the challenges that the organization has faced recently. It’ll be an opportunity to see how the organization has fared in recruiting volunteers, and serving the community, she said.
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