Quebec Liberals’ listening tour stops in Lennoxville

Quebec Liberals’ listening tour stops in Lennoxville

By Jack Wilson


Montreal Liberal MNA Madwa-Nika Cadet and former independent senator André Pratte met May 18 with about 30 locals — ranging from card-carrying Quebec Liberals to more fair-weather supporters — at the Lennoxville Army Navy Air Force unit 318 (The Hut) to discuss the future of the provincial Liberal party. This was an early consultation of the Quebec Liberals’ revival committee, a group aiming to redefine the party with public input following its 2022 election defeat.

The 2022 election saw Quebec Liberals win a disappointing 21 seats to the Coalition Avenir Québec’s 90. While it gained the second most seats, the party placed fourth in the overall vote.

“People we’re meeting are determined to see the Liberal party relaunch,” Pratte said. “People strongly believe in Liberal values, so I’m seeing lots of optimism.”

“It’s important for us as a party to take the time to meet electors and ask them questions about the party,” Cadet said, adding she yet wasn’t where the party should adjust “The supporters will be the ones to tell us,” she said. The supporters had plenty to say, taking turns at the microphone for close to two hours.

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