Quebec offers support for Lebanon after disaster in Beirut

Record Staff

The Quebec government announced Friday it plans to give Lebanon $1 million in emergency financial assistance funds to support humanitarian projects for Lebanese citizens affected by the devastating explosion in Beirut on August 4.
“On behalf of the Government of Quebec, on behalf of the entire population of Quebec and on my own behalf, I would like to express our sympathy and solidarity to the Lebanese community in Quebec and to the Lebanese people, who have been sorely tried by this terrible disaster,” said International Relations Minister Nadine Girault.
The province is deeply connected with Lebanon, she added in a press release, due to the country’s close ties to the French-speaking community. Financial support will be provided to Quebec international cooperation organizations working in Lebanon.
Most organizations have the capacity to respond quickly and effectively in this type of situation. The details for allocating the financial assistance will be communicated to the organizations shortly.
“The Lebanese are a resilient and proud people who have endured great hardship in the past,” Girault said. “I am confident that they will once again find the strength to rise again and begin rebuilding their capital.”
A solidarity activity with the people of Lebanon was held in Sherbrooke’s St-Alphonse de Ligouri Park on Sunday afternoon.

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