Quebec reveals multi-year immigration plan for 2024-2025

Quebec reveals multi-year immigration plan for 2024-2025

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The Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration of Quebec unveiled its comprehensive immigration strategy for 2024 and 2025 in a recent report, emphasizing the significance of the French language, young immigrants, and the economic benefits immigration brings to the province.

The plan, disclosed following a hearing in September 2023, focuses on increasing the number of French-speaking immigrants. The province aims to select only primary economic immigrant applicants who are proficient in French, boosting the overall proportion of French-speaking adults upon their arrival in Quebec.

In tandem with this, “Francisation Québec”, a governmental French language learning organization, will be bolstered to support the learning of French among newcomers. This includes enhancing French language services available to immigrants before they even set foot in the province and providing further support to temporary foreign workers to build their French language skills. Furthermore, employers will be encouraged to integrate French more prominently in the workplace.

Another highlight of the plan is Quebec’s intent to be more hands-on with its selection process. The province seeks to raise the number of people selected directly by its own programs, emphasizing the importance of economic immigration in meeting labor demands.

In addressing Quebec’s aging demographic, the strategy stresses the value of youthful immigrants. Encouraging the immigration of younger individuals can help counter the effects of an aging population, thereby ensuring a healthy workforce for the province’s future.

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