Quebec reveals new affordable housing program

By Michael Boriero
Quebec reveals new affordable housing program
“When we are renters without a roof, we call that Quebecers on the street,” reads a sign held up by demonstrators in front of City Hall in Sherbrooke Thursday. (Photo : Mario Mercier)

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Andrée Laforest announced the launch of the Programme d’habitation abordable Québec (PHAQ) on Thursday.

Laforest also noted that the government will invest $200 million to help kickstart construction on affordable housing units starting as early as next summer. The PHAQ is part of the government’s efforts to build more affordable housing for Quebecers.

According to a press release, the program will provide financial support for affordable rental housing projects for low- and moderate-income households and for people with special housing needs. The units’ rental price will be set by the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ).

There will be a first call for projects on March 1, and by summer 2022, work will begin on the first projects selected by the government. The press release also stated that rents may be indexed each year according to the indexes set by the Administrative Housing Tribunal.

The AccèsLogis Québec program will also remain in place as there were already a number of project underway. Laforest said that by encouraging everyone in the community, and offering financial support, the province will be able to see a surge in affordable housing units.

“We need to increase the supply of affordable housing more quickly in all regions of Quebec, and with the PHAQ, we will have a much faster and more efficient vehicle to back us up. Already, projects will see the light of day in the coming year,” said Laforest.
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