Quebec solidaire caucus meets up in Sherbrooke

By Gordon Lambie, Local Journalism Initiative
Quebec solidaire caucus meets up in Sherbrooke
Quebec solidaire co-spokespersons Gabriel Nadeau Dubois and Manon Massé speak at a press conference in Sherbrooke on Thursday afternoon as party veterans Vincent Marissal and Christine Labrie, and newcomer Étienne Grandmont look on. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Quebec solidaire held their first caucus meeting since last week’s provincial election in Sherbrooke on Wednesday, gathering together at the Grand Times Hotel to begin discussions on what happened on the campaign trail and also to set objectives for the next four years. At the opening of the meeting, party co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau Dubois highlighted the choice of location as being a way to celebrate the victory of the party’s only MNA elected outside of the Montreal or Quebec City areas.
“François Legault worked very hard to dislodge Christine Labrie and he did not succeed,” Nadeau Dubois said, congratulating the Sherbrooke representative on holding her seat in the National Assembly at the same time as he welcomed three new MNAs to the gathering from the ridings of Taschereau, Verdun and Maurice Richard.

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