Québec ­Solidaire wants to hear from police watchdog head before ­retirement

Record Staff

Alexandre Leduc, head of Québec Solidaire’s public safety department, has asked the CAQ government to give parliamentarians a chance to meet with the Director of the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI), Madeleine Giauque, to discuss her latest report before she retires in January.
The BEI is an independent agency that investigates cases involving police where a person is injured or killed, or a police firearm is discharged.
Leduc released a statement yesterday pushing for answers about the BEI. “Like several organizations, Québec Solidaire has called for special hearings on the BEI’s first three years’ report. Unfortunately, the government refused this request. Today, I tabled a motion for the Committee on Institutions to seize its oversight power and hear from the BEI’s Director on the organization’s orientations, activities and management, but it was defeated. Ms. Giauque retires in January: we have a window of opportunity of only a few weeks if we want to question her. I’m afraid the government won’t give us the opportunity,” Leduc commented. See full story in the Friday, Nov. 15 edition of The Record.

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