Quebec supports immigrant integration in Valcourt

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Quebec supports immigrant integration in Valcourt
Fredy Farini, a new employee at Valcourt 2030 Laura Parent, vice-president of Valcourt 2030 André Bachand, MP for Richmond and Kevin Bombardier, Executive Director of Valcourt 2030. (Photo : Courtesy)

The organization Valcourt 2030 has been awarded $245,000 in financial support to carry out local, regional or broader projects to promote better integration of immigrants in the region.

Initiated in 2013 by a group of stakeholders from different backgrounds, Valcourt 2030’s mission is to bring together people interested in the community, cultural, economic and social development of the Town of Valcourt and the Township of Valcourt, in order to make the region a welcoming and dynamic environment of innovation, turned towards the future, which values its families, youth and seniors.

The funding is part of an envelope granted by the government under the Community Support Program totaling over $23 million. The funds will be used to support 85 projects over a three-year period in all regions of Quebec.
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