Quebec to create vaccine reserve starting next week

By Gordon Lambie
Quebec to create vaccine reserve starting next week

Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services announced Wednesday that starting next week, all Pfizer vaccine doses received by the province will be placed in reserve rather than be distributed to the different health and social services establishments. The province received 585,000 doses of Pfizer this week which have already entered circulation, but according to the announcement the 513,630 doses expected in the week of August 9 will be set aside in case of future need.
The reserve is meant to help ensure a first and second dose for latecomers, and a third dose for those who were initially given two different vaccines or who may require it for other reasons, such as being immunocompromised. The reserve is also meant to help prevent delays in the case that another call for vaccinations is made and additional doses need to be ordered.
At this point in time, Quebec has more than two million doses in stock, most of which do not expire until at least mid-October.
As a part of Wednesday’s announcement, the ministry also noted that the vaccination clinics set up through partner businesses, such as the one that was in operation at BRP in Valcourt, are gradually being shut down, having met their goal of vaccinating employees and their families, as well as members of the surrounding communities.
Despite the changes, the announcement reiterates that it remains possible to quickly receive a shot, by appointment or otherwise, at clinics and pharmacies throughout Quebec
As of Wednesday’s information, a total of 11,256,183 doses have been administered in Québec, accounting for adequate vaccination in 69.1 per cent of the population 12 years of age and older.
Despite the progress in the vaccination campaign, the Province of Quebec reported 184 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the total number of people infected to 378,157 with 1,263 active cases across the province. The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic was revised to 11,240 due to the withdrawal of one not attributable to COVID-19. The number of hospitalizations remained stable compared to the previous day, at 58, but the number of people in intensive care dropped back down by one, to 17.
In the Eastern Townships the number of active cases climbed to 40 with the addition of another new case in the Sherbrooke area. At the moment, 24 of the 40 cases active in the region are in Sherbrooke.
Local hospitalizations remained unchanged at three, and no new deaths were reported. The next update on the local vaccination campaign is expected Friday.

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