Quebecers are tired, but respectful of government pandemic guidelines

By Michael Boriero
Quebecers are tired, but respectful of government pandemic guidelines

Although Quebec has lifted its latest curfew, there are many health and safety measures that remain in place, as well as several more on the way, such as presenting vaccine passports at big box stores, the SAQ and the SQDC.

And while it seems like a lot to add on top of the shoulders of the Quebecers who have diligently followed provincial guidelines, there doesn’t appear to be a large number of people hellbent on skirting these added measures or flouting longstanding rules, like masks.

According to Martin Carrier, the spokesperson for the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS), the silent majority continues to respect all of the rules. There are just a handful of loud voices shouting in the streets and condemning the use of masks, curfews and vaccines.

“The majority of people that we saw, for example, during the curfew and gatherings, yes, we gave out a few tickets, but not that many, and the majority of people, yes, they’re tired and yes, they let people know, it’s not easy, but people continue to keep their spirits high,” said Carrier.

The first wave was the hardest, he continued, as Quebecers adjusted to the new reality. However, over 22 months into the pandemic, most people are familiar and comfortable with wearing masks, washing their hands, using disinfectant, and presenting their passports.

“It happened twice in the past two weeks where there were demonstrations, about 20 people who didn’t respect the rules, no masks, against the curfew, so all of these people received infractions, but it’s a minority, if we’re talking about 20 people in Sherbrooke,” he said.

The Record also asked the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) whether they have noticed an increase in COVID-19 health and safety infractions. Valérie Beauchamp, an SQ spokesperson, said the pandemic has always been a rollercoaster, some weeks are worse than others.
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