Record archives pulled from the flood

By Matthew McCully
Record archives pulled from the flood
The first load of 30 acid-free boxes of restored Records arrived at the Mhist this week. The rest of the binders, currently still frozen, will be sent to Quebec City and restored throughout the year. (Photo : Matthew McCully)

Thanks to some quick thinking and the generosity of several local partners, 128 binders of Sherbrooke Daily Record/The Record archives were saved after being damaged by water at the Sherbrooke Historical Museum (Musée d’histoire de Sherbrooke or Mhist).
In March 2019, during renovations to the heritage building that houses the Mhist, an air conditioner pipe burst in the newspaper archives storeroom in the middle of the night.
According to David Lacoste, Mhist’s Executive Director, that would have meant the destruction of roughly 70 years of Record archives. Lacoste pointed out that among its archives the Mhist houses around 30 years of Sherbrooke Records that no one else has, so maintaining a complete collection was important to the facility. The museum conservator told Lacoste the newspapers would need to be frozen as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

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