Record-breaking food drive by Moisson Estrie shows community’s generosity

Record-breaking food drive by Moisson Estrie shows community’s generosity

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Moisson Estrie, a socio-economic organization dedicated to reducing food waste and redistributing goods to individuals experiencing periods of economic vulnerability in the Sherbrooke area, held a neighborhood food drive which has broken previous records, marking an unprecedented display of community generosity. The 8th edition of the food drive saw the distribution of 18,407 bags, with a total of 31,117 kilograms of goods collected. The market value of the collected items stands at $341,353.

Despite economic challenges, Sherbrooke’s residents have shown their unwavering support. “It’s touching to see people remain sensitive to the well-being of individuals and families in need,” said Christian Bibeau, General Director of Moisson Estrie.

While these donations will be quickly redistributed to those in need, they represent a new momentum for the entire Moisson Estrie team. The collected goods serve as a reminder of the community’s commitment to fighting food insecurity and their support for Moisson Estrie’s mission.

In continuation of its efforts, Moisson Estrie has announced a meeting on Nov. 2, bringing together over 130 representatives from community organizations, governments, institutions, and the agricultural sector. The gathering will focus on addressing challenges in food supply and infrastructure, underlining the community’s proactive approach to ensuring food security.

Moisson Estrie extends its gratitude to the public and urges continued collaboration in their future endeavors.

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