Record now the only print daily newspaper in Eastern Townships

By Sharon McCully

For more than a century, The Record has been one of only two English-language daily newspapers in Quebec. As of this month, when The Gazette, La Tribune and La Voix de l’est ceased distribution of their Monday-Friday print editions in the Eastern Townships, The Record became the only daily print newspaper, in either French or English, distributed in the Eastern Townships.
So why has The Record, which faces the same obstacles as other dailies, opted to continue to publish a daily newspaper in these difficult times? Well, because we must. The Record has been the trusted voice of the English-speaking community since 1897, and throughout its history, it has demonstrated it can rise to a challenge, regardless of the obstacles. Our community needs us now more than ever. The newspaper is the chain that links the community’s 40,000 English-speakers.
With a larger than average senior population now living in isolation, The Record is the only connection many have with the outside world. Our senior subscribers, at home, isolated and without access to a computer in many cases, await their daily Record each morning to be connected with their neighbours and news of the day. It is their source of the latest information on what they should and should not be doing during this crisis, where and when to shop safely, where to call if they are feeling ill, how to get their prescriptions filled, what services are still available for meal delivery.
It is not a responsibility that is taken lightly by the small and dedicated staff at The Record, and since the onset of the pandemic , the telephones at our office have been ringing non-stop.
All levels of government- municipal, provincial and federal have offered a myriad of crisis support programs and readers need information on how to access them. And in a situation that is new to the world, it goes without saying the ground shifts, the goal posts move and the sage advice of experts changes daily.
Years from now, when new generations look back at the Covid crisis of 2020, as we do now with the Depression, the Spanish Flu and other transcending historical events, they will go to The Record archives to find stories that document the creativity, resilience and determination of a community that survived, and hopefully, the lessons they learned that made the world a better place.
The Record needs your help to continue to fulfil its mandate as a source of daily news to our English-speaking community. Our local businesses are hurting with closures and layoffs which have also impacted the newspaper through lost ad revenue. The abrupt suspension of our distribution system by our carriers has meant increased mailing costs through Canada Post.
Please help us continue to provide local daily news to Townshippers by subscribing now to either the print or full online edition of the paper. Call 819-569-9528. Ask about our monthly payment and delivery options. Let us set you up with the e-edition. Send a subscription to a senior. Please support this 123-year-old Townships institution that is always there for you.

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