Redevelopment work on the Darche Interchange in Sherbrooke underway

Redevelopment work on the Darche Interchange in Sherbrooke underway

Record Staff


Construction began this week for the restructuring of the Darche Interchange, located on King Street West (Route 112), above Highway 410, in Sherbrooke.

The work, set to begin on Aug. 7, aims to improve traffic flow and user safety, where an average of 28,000 vehicles pass daily. The project, in which the Quebec government is investing nearly $77 million, primarily involves reconstructing the overpass bridge of the interchange and reconfiguring its entrance and exit ramps to eliminate crossovers on Highway 410. It is also planned to add two signalized intersections at the ends of the interchange and take advantage of the workzone to also upgrade the water supply network.

According to a press release from the transport ministry, the new interchange is expected to be operational by December 2024. The City of Sherbrooke is investing $4.6 million to enable the development of mobility infrastructure, such as a multi-purpose path on the deck of the King Street West overpass.

During the preparatory work from Aug. 7 to Aug. 21, partial closures on King Street West are expected. To avoid disrupting this essential link, a temporary bridge with one lane per direction will be built.

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