Referendum on fall reading week at Bishop’s

David Rossiter, Special to The Record
Referendum on fall reading week at Bishop’s
(Photo : Record Archives)

A referendum next week brings the possibility for historic alterations to the Bishop’s University academic calendar. The potential implementation of a fall “reading week” is the issue up for debate.
Students are urged to consider the plan and formulate an opinion before the referendum, which takes place via email on Jan. 25 and 26.
Bishop’s has a week off during the winter semester, commonly known as a “reading week” or spring break. However, unlike 44 other Canadian universities, Bishop’s does not have a similar week off school in the fall semester.
Enzo Evangelisti, a third-year psychology student and president of the BU Students’ Representative Council, says that when he ran for SRC president in 2019, a major part of his platform was a fall reading week.
Evangelisti says his priority now is to find out whether Bishop’s students, his constituents if you will, are really in favour of this change, hence the referendum.

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