Reminder about Connexion Potton service

By Mable Hastings, The Scoop
Reminder about Connexion Potton service
The Municipality of Potton Mayor and Council encourages Potton residents to enjoy the Holidays while making the Connexion: back row: Council members: Andre Ducharme Eddy Mierzwinski, Bruno Cote, Francis Marcoux front row: Council member: Jason Ball, Mayor Michael Laplume and recently retired Mayor Jacques Marcoux. (Photo : Courtesy Lakshmi Diana Nguon)

Although five hundred and forty-three households have now signed up for the Connexion Potton service, Potton Mayor Michael Laplume and the members of the Municipal Council are encouraging every household to connect.
The purpose of the Connexion Potton project is to get Potton residents to take advantage of modern communications by using mobile phones and email. This will make it possible for the fire department and first responders to alert citizens about public safety hazards and also tell them about anyone in the house that has mobility, cognitive vision or hearing issues. This information could make a difference if they are ever called to someone’s door. Also, the Municipality wants to use these new connections to lower costs, and to send out information about public affairs and to get citizen’s opinions on things that matter.
Signing up is easy but does require an access code and can be done on your computer or your mobile phone. If a resident has not received a letter from the Municipality with an access code, all they have to do is send an email with their name and their Potton address to or call 450-292-0844.

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