Remote ­registration ­process put in place for hunters

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As the wild turkey and black bear hunting season begins, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) has announced the implementation of remote game registration measures to allow citizens to hunt while also respecting the rules of the Public Health department aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19. The proposed registration measures will allow customers who would not have access to one of the registration stations legally open during this pandemic period to be able to register without having to travel and thus comply with the public health directives on displacements and social distancing.
Hunters and trappers will be able to register their game online, free of charge, using a form available on the MFFP website at starting April 24, just in time for the start of the wild turkey hunt.
Hunters and trappers who will not have access to a mobile device or an Internet service will be able to call the MFFP customer service at 1 877 346-6763 during business hours to carry out the registration.
The hunter or trapper must collect the following information before registering online or contacting customer service:
the hunter’s certificate number;
permit number;
the type of game;
when and where it was killed (the municipality, the hunting area or the fur animal management unit).
Finally, remember that Wildlife Protection officers continue to maintain a presence throughout Quebec so that hunting and fishing activities are carried out in accordance with the laws.
It should be noted that it is still mandatory for hunters and fishermen to obtain a license to practice hunting, fishing and trapping and to comply, at all times, with the following measures in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19:
-Avoid traveling from one region or city to another, except when necessary. Leisure-related travel is not considered “necessary”. Thus, hunters and trappers must practice their activities near their main residence in compliance with laws and regulations.
-No assembly of more than two people from outside of one residence indoors or outdoors.
-Maintain a distance of two meters at all times between people who do not live at the same address.
-No camping on the controlled exploitation zones (zecs).
The MFFP is continuing its operations while remaining on active watch and continuously monitoring the evolution of the pandemic.
The ministry’s mission is to ensure the conservation and enhancement of forests, wildlife and national parks, with a view to sustainable management, to contribute to the prosperity and quality of life of Quebecers.
For information on the evolution of the situation regarding hunting, fishing and trapping in the province visit

Published in the Thursday, April 23 edition of The Record.

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