Repair work on the Saint-François Bridge in Sherbrooke

Record Staff
Repair work on the Saint-François Bridge  in Sherbrooke

The transport ministry (MTQ) has announced that work on the Saint-François Bridge, located on Terrill Street in Sherbrooke, as of Monday, Jan. 18.
The work, which will last approximately two months, consists of repairing damage that affects the load-bearing capacity of the bridge’s pavement.
The MTQ took into account the relatively high traffic flow on the structure and organized the obstructions in order to limit the impact on users.
A pedestrian crossing will be maintained on the bridge throughout the work and, with the exception of a few complete closures, it is expected that motorists will be able to continue using the bridge (alternating traffic).
The duration of the work and the obstacles may be modified due to operational constraints or weather conditions. To find out about the detailed obstacles on this site, consult Québec 511, a practical tool for planning your trips.
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