Residents question Magog’s proposed residential development project

By Michael Boriero
Residents question Magog’s proposed residential development project

A dispute between residents and city council over a proposed residential development is brewing in Magog, as two online petitions to stop the project have gained over 1,000 signatures.
Les Berges Hatley, a real estate project that includes 16 apartment buildings and 96 rental units on Hatley Street and along the Magog River, would cut through a large swath of forest in the city. And it hasn’t been sitting well with long time residents, such as Rose Marie Morales.
“The city has really denied us any voice in the sense that they said they will continue negotiating with the promoter to arrive at a project that was good for all of us. And then at the open house, they presented something that, I mean, they took off one building,” she said.
Magog held an open house on July 6 to give concerned residents an opportunity to speak to the city council, as well as promoter and land owner Patrick Crépeau. Morales was unsatisfied with the responses given to residents from the people in charge of green lighting the project.
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