Ressourcerie des Frontières’ resiliency during the pandemic

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Ressourcerie des Frontières’ resiliency during the pandemic
(Photo : Ressourcerie des Frontières)

The Ressourcerie des Frontières is both grateful and fortunate that the organization has remained strong during the pandemic. While, like many other organizations, there have been some ups and downs, the balance of the scale has luckily been tipping towards the good rather than the bad.

There were some small issues in the beginning, but business has been growing since the start of the pandemic. With the first quarantine effectively locking people in their own homes, many performed “spring cleanings,” an activity that these families often placed on the backburner due to not having enough time before. Renovations were also quite popular, making some households in dire need to find place for their unwanted items. “Many of these people contacted us, either through the phone or website and a lot of their items made their way to our organization,” said Claire Audet, director at Ressourcerie des Frontières. Seeing the trend firsthand and expecting more to follow, several changes were made to how the company operated.

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