Restaurant owners take different approaches to Quebec’s reopening plan

Restaurant owners take different approaches to Quebec’s reopening plan
(Photo : Michael Boriero)

By Michael Boriero

When Christian Turcotte found out the Quebec government would allow the reopening of outdoor terrasses starting May 28, he immediately began organizing his restaurant in anticipation of hungry customers.
Turcotte is the co-owner of Café Aragon, a modest and cozy restaurant in Sherbrooke. He told The Record that between all of the colour flip-flopping throughout the pandemic, Aragon was prepared for the inevitable return to in-person service.
“We have a few last minute things to take care of, but otherwise we’re almost ready,” Turcotte said last Thursday afternoon.
The weather called for cold temperatures — a brisk 10 degrees, some wind, but sunny nonetheless. Despite the forecast, Turcotte received several calls for reservations. Although he anticipated a small turnout, the thought of greeting a handful of customers excited him.
“I like the contact with people, I like this part of restaurants. The last few months of winter I found to be really long, so I’m excited to open, it really gives us pleasure to be here,” said Turcotte.
When The Record arrived at the restaurant on Friday afternoon, the terrasse was full. There were less than 10 people sequestered in groups of two, with one man sitting alone, enjoying a coffee.

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