Richmond 4H working hard to stay creative

By Gordon Lambie
Richmond 4H working hard to  stay creative
Cleveland Mayor Herman Herbers and Celine Rene Mallette from the local Christmas basket campaign receiving a cheque for $350 from Paige Frost and Ryley Keenan of the Richmond 4H club. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

On Monday Richmond 4H club members Paige Frost and Ryley Keenan presented a cheque of $350 to Cleveland Mayor Herman Herbers and committee member Celine Rene Mallette for the community Christmas basket campaign in the most recent of a string of activities the local group has carried out in the name of trying to stay active despite all the obstacles that the year 2020 has thrown their way.
“We had all this money saved up from other fundraisers and we just wanted to give back,” said Katie Brock, President of the Richmond club, explaining that the club determined the amount to be donated based on an activity where members and leaders were asked to dress up in a way that reflects their holiday spirit. For every family member who dressed up and shared their photo on the club Facebook page, the executive donated $10.
“We’ve had to be really creative,” Brock said.

Like many other social and service groups throughout the world, 4H made the decision early on to suspend any in-person activities. Since members still had to pay dues to be a part of the organization, the Richmond president said that she was very focused on finding ways to make sure that participants were still getting a worthwhile experience.

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