Richmond Arts Centre entire board of directors steps down

By Matthew McCully

The Richmond Art Centre’s (CAR) proposed move from the Mont Saint-Patrice Convent to the Sainte-Famille Community Centre proved too contentious an issue for the community. At a meeting held on Tuesday night the entire board of directors of the CAR resigned. The outgoing board issued a press release on Wednesday announcing their departure. The statement was signed by Dominic Pearson (president), Daniel Harvey, (vice-president), directors Valérie Guénette, Marie-Lise Pilote, Suzanne Marie Landry, Isabelle Dumont, Éric Charrois, and François Tétreault, who was volunteering as the CAR’s artistic and executive director. “Faced with the obstinance of a small group, the intransigence of the convent and the indifference of the community, the CAR remains in a financial impasse and faces a bleak future. See full story in the Thursday, Jan. 30 edition of The Record.

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