Richmond celebrates new mural

By Quinn Ruby, Local Journalism Initiative
Richmond celebrates new mural
Serge Malenfant, Gabrielle Thériault, Raphaëlle Coulombe-Allie, Martine Ménard, Herman Herbers, Suzie O’Bomsawin, Julie O’Donnell, Jacques T. Watso and daughter, Norma Husk, Bertrand Ménard, André Bachand, James Johnston in front of the new mural inaugurated in Richmond on the weekend. (Photo : Courtesy)

An inauguration for Richmond’s new mural on the wall of Quincaillerie Richmond Hardware was held on Sunday afternoon at Place René-Thibault. The mural, which was spearheaded by the Richmond County Historical Society and the Richmond St. Patrick’s Society, was created by Raphaelle Coulombe-Allie, founder and artistic director of Mur Mura, and her team.
The mural, which represents the county’s rich history, was conceptualized in April of 2019 and was finally completed in June of 2022. There were some finishing touches to add, though, such as an anti-graffiti coating, which is why the inauguration only happened this weekend.
Jacques Watso, a resident of the Odanak community, performed a traditional Abenaki welcome song for the crowd of approximately 70 people. Norma Husk, president of the Richmond County Historical Society, and Julie O’Donnell, vice president and treasurer of the St. Patrick’s Society thanked everyone for coming, thanked the towns of Richmond and Cleveland for their collaboration and cooperation, and thanked everyone involved in the creation of the mural.
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