Richmond CLC working to link family and community

By Gordon Lambie
Richmond CLC working to link family and community

The Richmond and Region Community Learning Centre will be hosting its first Family Recreational Fair this coming weekend in the hopes of connecting local clubs and organizations with the families they are trying to serve. Between 9:30 and noon on Saturday, a variety of different Richmond-area clubs and organizations will have booths set up in the Community Centre at 820 Gouin Street.

“There will be a lot of different opportunities to get involved,” said Julie Corriveau-Wilson, CLC Coordinator. “We are expecting thirty different organizations and clubs to come with their registration forms.”

Corriveau-Wilson explained that there is often a communication breakdown between organizations and the communities they try to serve. For one reason or another, the open arms of well-meaning and potentially helpful groups and clubs go unnoticed by the individuals and families in their communities. The fair, Corriveau-Wilson explained, is an attempt to get around those invisible obstacles by putting organizations and local residents in a situation where they can talk face-to-face with groups whose work focuses specifically on local family and recreational services.

Read the full article in Thursday’s Record.

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