Richmond Fair memories from Claudia Villemaire

Richmond Fair memories from Claudia Villemaire
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In the lead up to this weekend’s fair in Richmond, the last of the season, The Record reached out to long-time fair correspondent Claudia Villemaire to hear what memories she had to share.
“I was an exhibitor there for 23 years,” Villemaire said, recalling a start that began with a bouquet of flowers.
“There is a class for a bouquet of, I think it’s 24 varieties of flowers supposedly growing in your garden. Well, I went out to look and I found a few in my garden but I didn’t find enough, so I went out in the fields, and I cut weeds and brought them to the fair,” she said, recalling one of the ladies at the fair, “laughed until she cried.”
From that auspicious start, it didn’t take the young exhibitor long to move on to showing poultry.
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