Richmond Regional and Parkview Elementary close some class bubbles following COVID-19 concerns

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, with files from Matthew McCully
Richmond Regional and Parkview Elementary close some class bubbles following COVID-19 concerns

One class at Parkview Elementary School (PES) in Granby and two class bubbles at Richmond Regional High School (RRHS) have been closed and will move to online learning this week amid COVID-19 concerns at the two schools.
Parents and staff at Richmond Regional High School were notified by the Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) on Thursday evening that someone who uses the school’s transportation services tested positive for COVID-19.
The case was identified earlier in the week, according to ETSB Chair Michael Murray.
After public health concluded its investigation, the ETSB notified all persons who came in direct contact with the infected individual.Those people are being monitored and encouraged to identify early symptoms of COVID-19.
Murray added that on Friday, a new case was identified at RRHS, possibly associated with a different group.
As a precaution, both class bubbles at RRHS will be closed pending test results from anyone potentially exposed. Murray pointed out that Friday was a PED day when the school was alerted to the new case, so the students already had a head start isolating.
At Parkview, Murray said the situation, identified last week, involves a Grade 6 class. Following an investigation from public health, the decision was made to close that class bubble for one week, the chairman said.
During an interview on Friday Murray pointed out that due to privacy laws, the name of the individuals who contracted the novel coronavirus cannot be distributed to the public. The ETSB also cannot release any information regarding the bus route number or their status.
If there are any additional positive cases, Murray said the school will provide updated bulletins and letters will be sent out to all individuals directly impacted by the situation. This means students attending the same school and people working at school, he continued.
The school board works very closely with Quebec’s public health authority, he said, in an effort to keep everyone that made personal contact with infected individuals in the loop. It’s all very precautionary at this level, Murray added.
People in close contact will get personal and specific alerts. Murray said people need to continue to stay vigilant, especially as cases continue to rise in Quebec. He also asks that people don’t get complacent just because they have been following rules for a long time.
“The greatest risk we have is that people who have been through the spring, the summer and now in the fall are just fed up with social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks and the only way to prevent a broader outbreak is to keep on doing things that work,” said Murray.

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