Richmond students benefit from a little “community building”

Richmond students benefit from a little “community building”
RRHS teachers Joseph Kirby and Ralph Niggebrugge with Brent Wheeler of Herwood alongside some of the tools and lumber donated to the school (Photo : Courtesy)

By Gordon Lambie

The wood shop students at Richmond Regional High School got a pleasant surprise earlier this year after a project to build new benches for the town of Richmond resulted in a large donation of wood and new equipment.
“We’re talking about $5-6,000 of wood, and about $3,000 of tools,” said Joseph Kirby, who is teaching the Industrial Arts groups working on the project. Kirby explained that the resources were given by Windsor-based Herwood Pallets. “It’s absolutely amazing. I was speechless for a while there.”
To get to the story of the donation, Kirby went back to the start of the school year, when the new option class was created as a way of helping to give more opportunities to a larger incoming class at a time when some “normal” activities were limited by Covid restrictions.

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