Riding to remember surpasses goal

By Matthew Sylvester, Special to The Record

Hundreds of cyclists came together on Saturday to pay their respects to Delphine Langevin, a cyclist who lost her life while touring the Gaspé peninsula. The group set out to complete the remaining 1,448 kilometres that were left when her 2,365 kilometre trip was cut short.
Over 300 friends, family, and cyclists moved by Langevin’s story registered for the bike ride on Saturday. In a single day, the group blew past the target distance to reach a total of 9,950 kilometres. The main group began and ended the ride at the entrance to Capleton Mines at 10 a.m. with stops in Lennoxville and North Hatley, while others followed along using the cycling app Strava in order to add their kilometres to the pool.
Cyclists from all over the world joined in with the endeavour.

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