Rights and freedoms protest in Sherbrooke

By Matthew Sylvester, Special to The Record

Quebec initiative Action Coordination staged multiple protests in cities around the province and in Ottawa on Saturday, including a modest showing despite the rain in front of Sherbrooke’s town hall. The organizers stated that the protests were in response to strict laws regulating social interactions which they say infringe on Canadians’ basic rights and freedoms.
“Control has been held by a small group of people in Ottawa for too long. When you give away all of your power, eventually you will lose your rights,” one of the event’s speakers said. Around 30 people in total gathered in support of the demonstration, along with a few SPS officers to make sure the event remained peaceful.
In total, the Facebook based organization has over 2,000 members throughout the province. They claim that Canadians are facing unfair sanitary and social regulations caused by systemic corruption and the censorship of scientists and media. Alongside the protest in Sherbrooke at 1 p.m, gatherings also took place in Ottawa, Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Rimouski, and Rouyn-Noranda.

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