Ring the bells that still can ring

Record Staff

Sherbrooke’s Roman Catholic Archbishop, Monseigneur Luc Cyr, has put out a call for churches across the region to ring their bells daily starting Wednesday, March 25. The idea comes from the Catholic tradition of the Angelus where the bells ring at noon and 6 p.m., and is meant to stand as a gesture of hope for churchgoers who are unable to gather as a result of directives issued by the Quebec government to counter the spread of COVID-19.
“The sound of the bells recalls the benevolent presence of the Lord in these difficult times,” The Archbishop said. “They also remind us that the Christian community prays for the sick, the dying and all the personnel serving people in need.”
Cyr also pointed out that at a time when the situation is difficult for everyone, this year’s Lenten season takes on a very special meaning for Catholics since the traditional Chrism Mass and Easter celebrations, usually among the largest gatherings of the year, must be either postponed or else held under very different circumstances.
Throughout the territory of the archdiocese, many initiatives are being put forward by the parishes to remotely support the faithful. Information regarding these initiatives is available on the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke’s Facebook page or website.
Those who wish to obtain spiritual support from the catholic church, it is possible to contact the parishes or the offices of the Basilica-Cathedral of Saint Michel, at 819-563-9934 ext. 209.

Published in the Wednesday, March 25 edition of The Record.

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