Ripplecove Inn expansion project partly delayed

By Michael Boriero


Ripplecove Inn owner and promoter Richard Laliberté will be allowed to continue working on part of his expansion project for the luxurious hotel and spa, but the plan to push out towards Lake Massawippi, which was vetoed by Mayor Simon Roy last month, remains on hold.

Roy used his power of veto during the monthly council meeting in November because he wanted to conduct a more thorough review of the owner’s proposed project. Laliberté’s expansion plan reportedly stretches the property out near the shoreline of Lake Massawippi.

On Monday, during the December council meeting, Roy did not include the Ripplecove Inn expansion file to the agenda. Although, it was only supposed to be delayed for one month. According to Roy, the council and Laliberté have yet to find time to examine the property.

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