Riverside teachers vote in favour of strike mandate

Teachers of the Riverside School Board, the first of the English teachers’ unions to cast their vote, decided 86 per cent in favour a strike mandate up to six days.
Richard Goldfinch, President of the Quebec Provincial Teachers’ Association, said the outcome of the vote was as expected, and in line with French unions who have voted so far.
The strike mandate voted on by the Riverside Teachers’ Union is for up to six days.
The process will begin after the federal election on Oct. 19, according to Adam Velin, executive assistant to union President Steven Le Sueur.
Velin said the union is required to give seven working days notice prior to exercising the right to strike. The first strike day will take place within a 10-day period, followed by two strike days in the following 10-day period.
The remaining three strike days must then be confirmed before the process continues, Velin said.
The Riverside Teachers’ Union represents 850 members at 25 different schools on the South Shore of Montreal.
French teachers in the Sherbrooke region recently voted 89 per cent in favour of a strike mandate.
English teachers of Eastern Townships School Board will cast their vote next week.
The mandate they will vote on is the same six-day mandate approved by Riverside.

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