Robby Johnson: From Quebec to Nashville, and back

By Gordon Lambie
Robby Johnson:  From Quebec to Nashville, and back
(Photo : Courtesy/Facebook)

What happens when a boy from the Beauce moves to Nashville? In the case of Robby Johnson, the answer surprised even him.
“It’s not like I was a singer and I wanted to sing all my life,” Johnson recalled. “It’s more like I’m a creative guy that happened to write songs and sing them wherever.”
Self- described as a guy who would write songs to sing in the shower, the factory worker-turned rising country star said that he never dreamed of a career in music until his wife pushed him out of his comfort zone.
“My wife decided to pay for a demo session as a Christmas gift,” he said. “To me, I am not a singer and really not an artist, and I thought it was the worst gift ever.”
Still, a gift is a gift, so Johnson went into the studio in Montreal with what he said was a “feel-good song.”
“We didn’t go in to cut a hit,” he said. “I just wanted to have fun and then be done with it.” See full story in the Friday, July 6 edition of The Record.

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