ROC Estrie awards sarcastic prizes to Quebec election candidates

By newsroom
ROC Estrie awards sarcastic prizes to Quebec election candidates
Christine Labrie and Kevin Côté, of Québec Solidaire, and Green Party’s Stéphanie Desmeules attended ROC Estrie’s ironic awards event to highlight the importance of implementing policies that help counter poverty (Photo : Emilie Hackett)

By Emilie Hackett
Special to The Record

The Regroupement des organismes communautaires (ROC) de l’Estrie held a tongue-in-cheek award event on Monday, Sept 24, to raise awareness about the policies (or lack thereof) that different parties have established to help counter poverty in Quebec. According to ROC, 19 per cent of Quebecers currently live under the poverty line, yet only 6 per cent of citizens receive social assistance. ROC members suggested the issue of poverty was not given enough time in the discourse of the elections. The ‘award’ event, organised by Line Marcoux and animated by Sylvie L. Bergeron, cultural radio host at Radio communautaire de l’Estrie (CFLX), aimed to highlight the issue of poverty. See full story in the Tuesday, September 25 edition of The Record.

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