Rodriguez-Flores family turning the page

Rodriguez-Flores family turning the page

By Gordon Lambie

The members of the Rodriguez-Flores family, who until recently were claiming sanctuary inside of Plymouth Trinity United Church out of fear of deportation to Mexico, were invited to Sherbrooke’s city hall on Friday to sign the city’s “livre d’or,” where the names of noted and notable individuals and events in the city are recorded. The trio went, accompanied by members of their support team from the period of more than 400 days they spent living inside of the church.

Seen here are Micheline Hardy, Shanna Bernier, Nathalie Fontaine, Manuel Rodriguez, Manolo Rodriguez-Flores, Anne St-Pierre, Georgina Flores, Sherbrooke Mayor Evelyne Beaudin, Sylvie Huard and Ruby Robinson in the Mayor’s office following the signing.

Since leaving the church and surrendering themselves to the Canada Border Services Agency, the deportation order against the family has been lifted and they have been granted work permits as well as authorization to remain in the country up to another 18 months while they pursue permanent residency.

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