Rubber duckie, you’re the one,

Rubber duckie, you’re the one,

River racing is so much fun

By Bird Bouchard


Citizens of the Way’s Mills community will witness a slight traffic jam in the Niger River at the end of May.

On May 27, as part of the 3rd Annual Duck River Race, up to 200 rubber ducks will race their way down the Niger River along Chemin Madore, under the Way’s Mills Ballbrook, heading towards the finish line.

“From where they start, the ducks go under the bridge so everybody kind of hangs out at the bridge and stops traffic,” joked organizer Nicole Poitras. “Way’s Mills is so small there’s never any traffic, but on race day, people are waiting to cross. It’s so exciting.”

Poitras said there’s still an opportunity for residents to purchase a duck and enter the race. Each duck sells for $20 with the 1st place winning $500, 2nd place winning $300, 3rd place winning $200 and 4th place winning $100.

Those who purchase a duck will be informed of the colour of their duck prior to the race. Poitras said this will make it easier to follow along with the action.

Having sold 100 ducks their first year and 180 in 2022, Poitras said she’s confident all 200 ducks will be sold this year. However, if there are ducks still available, she confirmed they will be available for sale the day of.

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