Rural Quebecers stand by for a Wi-Fi signal

By Marcus Bankuti
Rural Quebecers stand by for a Wi-Fi signal

Government promises most will get high-speed internet this year

When Sakina Khan receives requests for photos from clients of her archery school, she doesn’t mosey over to her desk chair—she puts her boots on.

Like others living in the Township of Gore in the Laurentians, the newly elected municipal councillor has spent years driving to the parking lot of the Trinity Community Centre to access its Wi-Fi signal.

The situation is so bad, Khan volunteered about four years ago to help open an internet café in the basement of the community centre two evenings a week. She was motivated by the sight of local youth standing outside the building to use the internet.

“They want to be doctors, they want to be engineers, and they just don’t have access to do their homework because of this situation,” she said.

Gore is one of many communities targeted by waves of government funding to make high-speed internet service available to nearly all Quebec households by the end of September. The projects are underway at a time when the divide between urban and rural communities has been widened by the pandemic.
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