Saint-Denis glass recycling works but doesn’t pay

By newsroom

Sherbrooke –Containers dedicated to recycling glass in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton has diverted more than 17 tons of glass from landfills in just six months, but lack of profitability leaves the future of the pilot project in doubt.
According to municipal authorities, the response of citizens has been well beyond expectations and though the model could be used as an example for others in Quebec, the municipality questions the provincial government’s intentions in supporting initiatives such as this.
“Where are we in terms of glass recovery in Quebec,” asks project committee head, Colette Lemieux. “We don’t know what actions the government intends to prioritize to ensure maximum value from waste materials, or what amounts will be invested to support local initiatives like ours.
So far the project has not been self-sustaining. Revenue from the recycling of glass does not even cover transportation costs and the municipality is reluctant to continue the eco-friendly project without assurances, particularly given the current government’s policies of austerity and the budget restraints they impose.
At the moment, the Saint-Denis project does not qualify under Quebec’s waste management subsidy programs.

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