Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day: Friends, family, and community

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day: Friends, family, and community
A young girl attends a Saint-Jean Baptiste day celebration in a town west of Montreal, Sunday, June 24, 2018. (Photo : THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes )

By Cassie MacDonell
Local Journalism Initiative

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is on Friday, which means Quebecers will gather across the province to celebrate Quebec and French culture. Whether francophone or anglophone, one common sentiment was shared amongst Townshippers interviewed by The Record: Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is an opportunity to be with friends, family, and the community.
Phillipe Dion, Sherbrooke francophone, explained that his younger self viewed Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day as a “massive party.” However, his views have since changed. “Now, I see it as a celebration of Quebec’s background, our culture. I love discovering new Quebecois music. You can get together with your friends and be with the community,” he said, “you learn more and more as you grow.” This year, Dion does not have any big plans in anticipation for the day, but intends to celebrate nonetheless.
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