Saint Patrick’s welcomes new parish priest

Saint Patrick’s welcomes new  parish priest
Father Esua Andrew Forka inside of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in Sherbrooke (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

It is coming up on two months since Father Esua Andrew Forka took on the role of Parish administrator for the Saint Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Sherbrooke, but the priest said that although there is a natural adjustment period for everyone involved in such a transition, he felt welcomed right away.
“This is the kind of open, accepting parish that anyone in the world would be happy to be a part of,” Forka said, sharing that although he is quite different from former Parish Priest Father Pierre Doyon, the community expressed no hesitations about the change in leadership. “Father Doyon did a great job here for 29-30 years,” he added. “The parish is alive and active.”
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