Salon de l’automobile de Sherbrooke rolled through town

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

It was a spectacular weekend in Sherbrooke for automobile enthusiasts. Starting Friday, Le Salon de l’automobile de Sherbrooke was back for its three-day car show at the Centre de Foire in Sherbrooke. In partnership with Allstate, this is the fifth edition for the car show and there were many surprises in store. With various car models on site, including antique vehicles, and different zones designated to car performance and restoration, it was the perfect opportunity for Townshippers and visitors alike to explore what’s going on in the automobile industry today. The event kicked off with an evening preview on Thursday night for those who wanted to have a VIP experience. “We had a very nice evening with a wonderful program,” said Sarah-Eve Labrecque, organizer of the event. “We had Stéphane Bélanger here. He is a comedian and he was the host for the evening. We had Nicolas Gignac here, he is the magician with all the snakes. We also had Alexandre Tagliani, who drives for Nascar. Many people know him. He challenged the Mayor of Sherbrooke to a racing game. The Mayor won but he had a chance to practice a bit before.” In partnership with JEVI, the evening was quite special with all funds raised going towards the suicide prevention centre for the Estrie region. “We had two different coloured tickets that people could purchase to bet on the Mayor or Alexandre and all money raised from this went to JEVI,” explained Labrecque. “We gave people a coupon for two free drinks but after that they had to buy their own and the money made from this also went to them. All money raised that evening gave extra support to JEVI.”  See full story in the Monday, Feb. 3 edition of The Record.

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