Santa visits Lennoxville after all

By Gordon Lambie
Santa visits Lennoxville after all
(Photo : Courtesy)

In a year where almost every public event has been cancelled or moved online, it surprised no one that Santa Claus did not plan his usual visit to Lennoxville’s community centre earlier this month. With a little help from the Lennoxville Firefighters’ Association, though, jolly old Saint Nick was still able to stop by at a number of homes in the community on Saturday morning.
“The Lennoxville Firefighters’ Association is in the same situation as everyone else; all our big events were cancelled,” said association member Christopher Fowlis. “The guys didn’t want to let this one go.”
According to Fowlis, the association quickly got to work on a backup plan as the pandemic situation worsened in the region, resulting in an experience that revolved around a colouring contest.

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