Sawyerville farmers’ market celebrates a sixth year of success

By Gordon Lambie

The last market day of the year was celebrated in Sawyerville on Saturday with that community’s sixth annual harvest festival. “It is a very local festival,” said Chantal Bolduc, sharing that although the festival and the market it celebrates grew out of a community garden that was meant to bring together the people of the village, there are now participants from across the Haut-St.-Francois MRC. “It is a rallying point,” she added, sharing that she sees the market as having the same kind of social energy as a church hall would have a generation ago. Bolduc explained that the community garden was first created when a local doctor bequeathed his land to the village of Sawyerville for a community project. From there the project slowly grew to the point where it has now become a key component of the local community. See full story in the Monday, Sept. 30 edition of The Record.

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