School board elections postponed to keep people home

By Gordon Lambie
School board elections postponed to keep people home

Premier Francois Legault mentioned in passing toward the end of his Wednesday afternoon press conference that the decision had been made to postpone the school board elections scheduled to take place on November 1.
“We had a recommendation from public health to postpone because of the current situation with the pandemic,” Legault said, adding. “We always follow the recommendations of public health.”
No information was offered at this point about when the province’s English-language school boards can expect to restart their election.
Legault mentioned the postponement in response to a question during a conference focused on encouraging Quebecers to stay home and keep their distance from others.
“You can go to school, or to work, but otherwise, stay home,” the Premier said, warning of worrying fragility in the healthcare system
The daily number of new COVID-19 cases in Quebec dipped back under 1,000 for the first time in nearly a week, with a reported total of 900. The total number of deaths climbed to 5,906, while the number of hospitalizations increased by 12 compared to the previous day, for a cumulative total of 409, nearly double the number of just two weeks ago. Among these, the number of people in intensive care decreased by 5, for a total of 62.
In the Estrie region the total went up by 23 to 1,925 cases with seven hospitalizations and one person in intensive care. No new deaths were reported in the territory.

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