Science Fair at Massey-Vanier was both stimulating and successful

By Louise Smith

On Thursday, January 30, both elementary and secondary students filled half the cafeteria space with 112 projects. Three elementary schools were represented: Butler Elementary from Bedford, Farnham Elementary, and Parkview Elementary from Granby. The secondary students from Massey-Vanier represented Cowansville and many surrounding towns. The organizer, Dawn Singfield, was pleased with how everything went smoothly. She had worked a long time to make sure that everything came together. She did a wonderful job. All the projects had three judges visit because of the high number of volunteer judges. With all the work that goes into a project, it is important that each project be seen a multiple of times. Principal Julie Edwards welcomed visiting students, parents, and staff, and enjoyed seeing the variety of projects from both them and Massey-Vanier students. The topics were quite varied and the enthusiasm was high. The winners from the grade 3 and 4 level were: 3rd place – Katrianna Brown – Morse Code – Butler, 2nd place – Julianne Palmer – Walking Rainbow – ­Farnham, 1st place – Thomas Gagnon and Mavrick Barrgea – Think Before You Drink – Butler. The winners from the grade 5 and 6 level were: 3rd place – Liv Gasser – Hydroelectric Dam – Butler, 2nd place – Monroe Mitchell –Screen Time- Butler, 1st place – Theo Mann and Alexander Solomon-Wireless Power Transmission –Parkview. All the grade 7 winners were from Butler School. 3rd place – Emilia Zelis -Forensic Science- Butler, 2nd place – Tyler Beaucage- Best Paper Airplane- Butler, 1st place – Emma Blinn-Giroux and Magalie Eisener-Allard – 3-2-1-Blast Off from Butler. The grade 9 and 10 winners were: 3rd place- Piper Laumailler and Amelie Lesage – Cigarettes vs Plants, 2nd place – Rebecca Weibe and Emily Mason – Does Music Improve Your Endurance?, and 1st place – Aiden Meacher – Smart Bedroom. In grade 11 there were 2 winners, 2nd place – Niomi George and Elizabeth Osborne-O’Donnell – Allergies and in 1st place – Solomon Jung – Project E.Y.E.V.O.R.Y – 3D printed drone. See full story in the Feb. 4 edition of Brome County News.

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