Science Fair at Massey-Vanier was both stimulating and successful

By Louise Smith
Science Fair at Massey-Vanier was both stimulating and successful
Future scientists from Butler, Farnham, Parkview, and Massey-Vanier had science fair projects on display at the Massey-Vanier Annual Science Fair. (Photo : Louise Smith)

On Thursday, January 30, both elementary and secondary students filled half the cafeteria space with 112 projects. Three elementary schools were represented: Butler Elementary from Bedford, Farnham Elementary, and Parkview Elementary from Granby. The secondary students from Massey-Vanier represented Cowansville and many surrounding towns. The organizer, Dawn Singfield, was pleased with how everything went smoothly. She had worked a long time to make sure that everything came together. She did a wonderful job. All the projects had three judges visit because of the high number of volunteer judges. With all the work that goes into a project, it is important that each project be seen a multiple of times. Principal Julie Edwards welcomed visiting students, parents, and staff, and enjoyed seeing the variety of projects from both them and Massey-Vanier students. The topics were quite varied and the enthusiasm was high. The winners from the grade 3 and 4 level were: 3rd place – Katrianna Brown – Morse Code – Butler, 2nd place – Julianne Palmer – Walking Rainbow – ­Farnham, 1st place – Thomas Gagnon and Mavrick Barrgea – Think Before You Drink – Butler. The winners from the grade 5 and 6 level were: 3rd place – Liv Gasser – Hydroelectric Dam – Butler, 2nd place – Monroe Mitchell –Screen Time- Butler, 1st place – Theo Mann and Alexander Solomon-Wireless Power Transmission –Parkview. All the grade 7 winners were from Butler School. 3rd place – Emilia Zelis -Forensic Science- Butler, 2nd place – Tyler Beaucage- Best Paper Airplane- Butler, 1st place – Emma Blinn-Giroux and Magalie Eisener-Allard – 3-2-1-Blast Off from Butler. The grade 9 and 10 winners were: 3rd place- Piper Laumailler and Amelie Lesage – Cigarettes vs Plants, 2nd place – Rebecca Weibe and Emily Mason – Does Music Improve Your Endurance?, and 1st place – Aiden Meacher – Smart Bedroom. In grade 11 there were 2 winners, 2nd place – Niomi George and Elizabeth Osborne-O’Donnell – Allergies and in 1st place – Solomon Jung – Project E.Y.E.V.O.R.Y – 3D printed drone. See full story in the Feb. 4 edition of Brome County News.

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