Scotstown ceilidh: good through and through.

By Staff Writer
Scotstown ceilidh: good through and through.

Despite the rain, Scotstown’s annual ceilidh attracted people from Vancouver all the way to Newfoundland this past weekend. Surrounded by kilts, music and dance, the celebration will be fondly remembered by all who attended.

Wendy Patrick, who attended the ceilidh, said the event “went very well and was extremely well
attended. Everyone was quite pleased.”

“There were well over 250 people. There were no extra chairs,” said Patrick. “The tent was

Though the Scottish population of Scotstown has decreased over the years, she added that all
residents were very involved in the ceilidh.

“It was well supported by the residents. It is nice to see not only non-scottish anglos, but also francophones, who come to make sure the heritage is preserved. People came with their children and grand-children;they make sure to pass the torch.”

The kirking of the tartans was a great success, according to Patrick, who said that over 50 tartans were on display. James MacAulay, who hand-wove the tartan of Scotstown and got it approved by the official Scottish registry, faithfully attends the event every year, carrying his tartan.

He described the ceremony: Madeline Irving leading the procession with the St. Andrews Flag of Scotland, followed by his mother, Janet, carrying the Lion Rampant flag. Then, he carried his freshly woven Scotstown tartan alongside the Mayor, Chantal Ouellet, who carried the Quebec tartan, leading the way for all the others.

Read the full story in The Record on Tuesday, August 8.

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