Scottish Folklorist Margaret Bennett honoured

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

Famous Scottish folklorist, writer, and singer Margaret Bennett was recently recognized by the Saltire Society, an organization dedicated to promoting the understanding of Scottish culture and heritage, as one of the most outstanding women in Scotland.  She was among ten women who received this honor and she was inducted into the Saltire Society’s ‘Outstanding Women of Scotland’ community. This recognition celebrates women who are inspiring and have helped paved the way for the women who will come after them. Some Townshippers’ may remember Bennett. Throughout her career, she has always found her way back to the Eastern Townships after spending much time here to record the history of Quebec’s early Scottish settlers. While here, she formed everlasting friendships and bonds with the people she spoke to. Now, they want to congratulate her on this very special achievement. After Bennett received this honor from the Saltire Society, she sent her close friend Ferne Murray, a Lennoxville local, an article dedicated to her in the Strathearn Herald-Scotland to inform her of the news. Considering many people in the Townships know Bennett, Murray thought that it would be a good idea to have an article dedicated to her in a newspaper from this area; and so she decided to reach out to The Record to congratulate Bennett and to tell the community all about her.  See full story in the Wednesday, Jan. 29 edition of The Record.

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