Scotyz moving into the Lakeview Inn

By newsroom
Scotyz moving into the Lakeview Inn
The Lakeview Inn will soon be home to ­Scotyz (Photo : Steve Blake)

By Steve Blake – The owners of the Lakeview Inn are getting out of the food and beverage business, but visitors will still be able to get a drink and a meal. Scotyz will move into the bar and restaurant at the historic inn. “The auberge will always be the Lakeview,” said Van Voutsinas, who with his brother Chris bought the inn in 2004. “The integrity will not change.” The brothers will still run the inn, but Van Voutsinas says he’s in his sixties and would like to slow down a bit.
“There’s never enough hours in a day,” he said. “My wife says, ‘I never see you.’” That’s why he made a deal with Enzo Amodei and his wife Betty Karounis to operate the bar and restaurant. They plan to open in March. See full story in the February 26 edition of the Brome County News.

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